Yorkshire’s Chris Kamara shares wholesome encounter with ‘hero’ Elton John

TV legend and footie pundit Chris Kamara has revealed how Elton John is an avid fan of Soccer Saturday.

The ex-footie ace opened up about the moment he met his musical hero in the director’s box at Watford, where Elton asked for a selfie.

Kammy shared the story during the latest episode of The Chris KaMOREa Podcast with Plusnet.

Speaking to guest of the week, musician and Blue member Simon Webbe, Kammy said: “I love Elton [John] and people say ‘don’t meet your heroes.’ I met him at Watford stadium four years ago now. The press officer there tipped me off, he said ‘Kammy, Elton’s here today.’

“It was about 20 to two, with a three o’clock kick-off. So I ran from the press room to the director’s box. Elton and his husband David and their two kids were there. He was showing them where he used to stand as a kid. So I thought ‘oh crickey, I can’t bother him.’

And he turned around and he went ‘Kammy! Kammy!’ And I’m thinking ‘flipping hell, it’s Elton John!’

“So he goes ‘oh Kammy, I love you on the box. When I can’t stream the Watford games in LA I watch Soccer Saturday. I love you on there.’

“Now I can’t tell him that he’s my hero, he’ll think I’m making it up. So I said ‘would you have a selfie with us’ and he went ‘yeah of course – on one condition. I get to have a picture with you. David, David, come and take this picture.’

“And thankfully the cameraman who was watching from the gantry filmed it and so I had David Furnish taking a picture of me and Elton for him. We showed it on Goals on Sunday the following day.”

Chris, 63, who is famous for his ‘Unbelievable Jeff’ catchphrase and excitable football commentary was sharing the encounter as part of his new podcast to mark Yorkshire Day (1 August) to celebrate Yorkshire’s love for great value and urge Brits to get more out of everyday situations.

Each episode sees Chris joined by different celebrities to discuss how Brits could have a little more money in their pockets if they got over their well-known embarrassment and awkwardness.

He said: “People need to take a leaf out of Yorkshire’s book when it comes to getting more bang for their buck. Being more direct, ditching the embarrassment and speaking up for what you want but with warmth and charm has got me where I am today. It’s these inherently Yorkshire traits that were instilled in me from a young age.”

Other guests on the podcast series include Comedian and Celebrity Juice Host Keith Lemon and former Sky News Sports star Charlie Webster.

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