Crucial Things You Should Never Do in a Restaurant

We sometimes feel that we live in a world where fine dining tips are no longer observed. It would help if you take your place, knowing that everyone knows about the proper etiquette while taking their meals in the restaurant. The mad men days are no longer here with us, but we have not met the right social standards. We should correct our societal standards and abandon faux pas in restaurants.

We listed some of the most annoying things some people do in restaurants by researching on the web and other normal life experiences. Staring and scrolling on your phone for too long is not good behavior because your partner may feel that they are neglected and lonely. But if this happens because of an urgent commitment, like when you are asked an urgent question concerning your business, take necessary precautions if you are on public Wi-Fi. Browsing in public Wi-Fi is not safe because your data may be hacked.

Use VPN to secure your connection.

What is VPN meaning? It means a Virtual Private Network; using a VPN makes your connection private. This is because you are given a new IP address when you install it. What does a VPN do? A VPN gives you a new IP address which hides your identity. On the other hand, VPN keeps hackers and those with ill intentions away. Moreover,VeePN enables you to stream videos from any location.

What should you not do in a restaurant?

Don’t keep your phone’s ringer on

If your phone starts lighting up or starts ringing, it will bring much distraction to other occupants. Doing this is rude because a restaurant is a public space, and you should respect your colleagues. Therefore, do something about it. And don’t wait for the management to tell you this, either. From super fancy restaurants to other normal restaurants, it goes both ways. The most intimidating thing to a guest is when the host spends most of their time making calls and sending text messages.

Crowding outside

Most restaurants reduced their services during the pandemic; therefore, the wait time on the table has slightly increased. While waiting to be served, taking your time in the right place rather than staying around other customers taking their meals is important. This doesn’t give other people enough privacy, especially during the pandemic. You can take a walk around the block and come back. Or you can decide to take packed food.

Dining out while not feeling well

Doing this is not good behavior; unfortunately, many individuals cannot observe the correct safety rules. Corona Virus has chills, fever, and shortness of breath, cough, and fatigue. Even when you feel slightly sick, it would be polite to keep those around you safer!

Don’t reach across the table

What are the unpleasant habits in the restaurant area that you should avoid? Sharing with your colleagues is great because you will taste what your colleagues are eating. But you should do this politely, but not touch other people’s food carelessly. If you want to share, let your colleague put his share on another plate and pass it to you rather than inserting your fork in their food.


Spaces in the restaurants may be limited due to the pandemics guidelines, and restaurants are trying to maximize their possible space. Minimize your time when taking lunch to give other people space and minimize the chances of contracting the virus by not taking too much.

Don’t block the server’s path

Blocking the pathways in restaurants is much more annoying to other customers than to the restaurant staff. Restaurants earn money by putting tables in their rooms. People sit on that furniture while eating food. Therefore, don’t crowd aimlessly and take more space when you are not eating. The staff has got their work, taking their space will make it more difficult.

Separating the salt and pepper shakers

Pepper shakers and salt serve almost the same purpose and should never be separated. You may lose either of them if you pass them one by one to your colleague, meaning people shall ask for them twice when they want both. Never pass one at a time, even when asked for one. This is the most important etiquette you need to keep in mind.

Being the etiquette police

When you find someone in the wrong, you can be tempted to call them and tell them about their mistake. Don’t point out that someone’s mistake is worse than making a mistake yourself. If you need to point out the mistake to a colleague or a child, then it would be better to find them privately and tell them where they are wrong. Doing this would meet the fine dining server etiquette.

What should you not do at a fancy restaurant?

Place Used Utensils on the Table

Raise Your Voice to attract the Waiter’s Attention

Rush to Serve Yourself

Speak With Your Mouth Full

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