Futuristic Casino Architecture

It can almost be said that since 1638, casinos have been associated with wealth and glamour. That was the year the “Ridetto” opened its doors in Venice, Italy. 

The Ridetto was the first casino as we know them today in our western culture. Since then, risk, adventure, and wealth have filled up casinos all around the world.

To host evenings or nights of pure adrenaline and mystery, multiple architects dared to leave their mark in cities like Las Vegas, Atlantic City – and even in idyllic sceneries like the Côte d’Azur.

Especially in the last century, casinos have not only been places of forbidden pleasure and fun, but also of the most impressive architecture. However, nowadays we are facing a new era, full of modern and even futuristic styles.

Despite the popularity of online poker shown in this Sky Vegas review, the best casino buildings are at their peak. Let’s review some of the most exclusive places in the world. But where to start?

Le Seyne Casino

The Le Seyne Casino, located in the south of France, has a fascinating construction. It is close to the water, and has a design that resembles the old shipyards, docks, and warehouses that once stood there. 

This former shipbuilding town offers one of the finest casinos in the world. From a visual perspective, it is wide and low. The geometry of the place, in general, is quite simple. When approaching it, it is possible to notice that some of its sides are made of glass.

Its location is excellent, as it is between an active marina and a new public park. A real jewel for anyone who wants to travel with their taste buds and end up in a European staple of modern art.

Riviera Hotel and Casino Complex

Uruguayan nights have something special here. The Riviera Hotel, along with its casino, is located in the heart of the border town of Rivera, near the Brazilian city of Livramento.

The complex serves three very clear purposes: to renovate the existing building, to merge with it and to incorporate a theater. To achieve these goals, the entire design connects its more contemporary aspects with the older ones. 

Inside, there is the possibility of walking through these two very different, but somehow united, areas. The connection is through a transparent corridor suspended a few floors above street level. You can’t miss it.

Limari Valley and Hotel Ovalle

In this beautiful Chilean region, it is possible to find a great variety of wine production, a small oasis within the valley. However, the ancient native peoples of the place made their homes along its hills and plateaus. 

Precisely, this was the image with which the Hotel Ovalle project worked. Its design is monolithic and gives the impression that the rooms and corridors were carved out of the gray stone that comprises much of the building. And despite its ancient roots of indigenous tradition, the proposal is contemporary in style.

What makes this hotel so unique is its metal cladding. The inspiration behind it was the Diaguita culture – focusing on its geometric shapes. Then there’s also the hotel’s spa, with multiple closed volumes that are beautifully arranged along 75 meters.

In the heart of these blocks are also the heated swimming pools, keeping the outdoor pool nice, cool, and fresh.

Costa Brava Gran Casino

This complex is located in Lloret de Mar, Spain, northeast of Barcelona, along the coast. The focus of the architects was the environmental theme. 

That is why the casino is built as a gigantic granite slab that emerges naturally from the ground and manages to rise up to the most developed area of its surroundings. 

At the back, and on the roofs, there is a garden that minimizes the interruption of nature. Facing the street is the glass exterior of the casino’s main floor. But it extends, above all, below ground.

Casino de Montréal

Located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Canada’s Casino de Montréal is a strange and difficult to describe building. In 1967, this original building was built for the World Exposition of that year. 

After several renovations, it finally acquired the necessary appearance to turn it into a contemporary luxury space.

The casino stands out for its curved and rounded halls, as well as a sculpture on the exterior. The main core is composed of central areas of a certain circularity. They also occupy several floors along with additional public spaces.


All of these spaces stand out for their unique designs. Not all casinos were built at the same historical time, nor do they belong to the same cultures. For this reason, some share or differ in their main characteristics. But without a doubt, architecture never ceases to amaze.

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