Social Issues and Their Impact on the University Student

Social issues are constantly evolving, especially in universities. Professionals connected to students have a huge responsibility. That’s to address these social issues; otherwise, the student’s performance will high be affected. It’s crystal clear that universities are ideal reflections of what is going on locally or globally.

If the economy is affected, the school community will have to use their resources sparingly and strain the students. Here are various social issues found in the school environment and their impact on the university student.

Classroom settings

In the classroom setting, racism is a major social issue that affects most students. In this case, black students are two times more likely to be suspended without any education services than their white peers. As a result, they experience microaggressions and censoring from their white classmates.

Most minority students have been exposed to race issues and discriminatory language while at school. Various schools have put various measures to ban this issue in school, but it seems the issue might continue. It’s believed that most kids learn their racist remarks from their parents. The affected ones often experience depression and can no longer concentrate effectively in class.

Surviving racist remarks is often challenging. It’s one of the deep-rooted social issues in the university. Even when the environment is not conducive to study, the affected students are expected to meet set targets. To concentrate effectively, they need to diversify their methods of learning. If they have issues with essay writing, they can see social issues in essay examples. There are various effective social issues essay examples on Samplius that students can use to learn. With so many examples of essays about social issues, they can also learn various ways to cope with racism.

Substance abuse

Campus parties offer a perfect way to get the grid off on weekends. Students make maximum use of these two days to enjoy themselves. Though, it seems like the enjoyment becomes an added burden with time. So, many of them are taking drugs and have become dependent on the drugs over time.

They can hardly do anything constructive without drugs. The use of these drugs has led to poor performance in school, increased levels of criminal behavior, and violence. Some of the students who abuse drugs are prone to school dropouts.


Money has the power to influence most of the social issues in the school. That’s why the country’s economy plays a vital role in determining the social issues that affect different students. As they advance in their studies, they feel the financial pressures affecting their economy.

Difficulty times are very challenging for most students. That’s because they are putting more pressure on their parents. Some drop out of school to look for part-time jobs or anything that can keep them going. Other drop out because they are not getting the basic needs to support them while at school.

Class and related economic disadvantages

Whenever there is a significant gap between the poor, middle, and wealthy in society, social issues like discrimination set in. Generally, there are few opportunities for students who come from low-income backgrounds. They can hardly foot their expenses like optional academic trips.

Hence, they are always risking missing amazing education adventures. The worst part of it is that the education system has a lot of inequalities and unequally distributed opportunities for students doing the same course. That’s more based on cultural affiliation and their income levels. Ideally, education is expected to expose them to similar experiences.

Floundering students

Most university students often get confused. Today, they want to concentrate on their studies later, so they are looking for part-time jobs. There are still others who feel that they are taking the wrong course. The worst part of this is that these students rarely know who they want to become in the future. With time, they start changing their careers.

After some time, things change. They start feeling that it’s not what they deserve. That shows the great confusion the university students are going through. Then others are affected by homesickness, and they will never open up about it. Living with this condition for a long usually causes mental issues.


There are lots of social issues that students undergo while in the university. These issues range from racism to discrimination-to-discrimination issues. These social issues usually have a lot of impact on the student’s outcome. That’s why most university students drop out of school. Others take a long to graduate or keep changing their careers. These social issues can only be solved by engaging everyone in society because they mainly reflect what’s happening outside there.

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