The fast-growing digital nomad trend

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, remote work has become exceptionally more common. People are yearning
for positions where they can work from anywhere in the world. Therefore, many individuals have decided to
pack their bags and take advantage of the unique opportunity to become digital nomads. This article will
speak about being a digital nomad and some interesting places in Southeast Asia to be one.

What is a digital nomad?

Have you heard about digital nomads? A digital nomad is an individual that travels to a country and works
there via their laptop or another digital device, either part-time or full-time. During the pandemic, the number
of people choosing to be digital nomads increased by 96%. There are an infinite number of places to be
a digital nomad. Here are three examples of wonderful destinations.

Pros and cons of becoming a digital nomad

This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but it is sure interesting for those who decide to try it out. Some individuals
decide to go abroad for a short amount of time, and others decide to go for the long run. Some advantages
of this lifestyle include freedom, travelling, and meeting people from around the world. Many times, there
are special deals and monthly housing discounts for digital nomads or ex-pats living abroad for a certain
amount of time. Some disadvantages to the digital nomad lifestyle include loneliness, uncertainty, and
unstable internet connection in different countries. However, for many digital nomads, the pros outweigh
the cons. Considering everything, Southeast Asia has much to offer digital nomads.

Serenity in New Zealand

With its great number of national parks, you would need a lot of time in New Zealand to visit them all. What
better way to achieve that, than by combining your job with travelling through New Zealand. With the NZeTA (electronic visa for New Zealand), travellers can stay in the country for up to 3 consecutive months, and 6 months in total every
12 months. An important requirement of the NZeTA is that you are not contracted for a job in New Zealand,
but executing a job from a company outside New Zealand is allowed with this visa for New Zealand.

Numerous ex-pats in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a fantastic place to be a digital nomad, especially with its amazing island views and low cost of
living. Whether you prefer city or beach life, Sri Lanka has it all. Colombo is a popular city to be in, and
Mirissa has incredible beaches that are popular with surfers. During your free time, you can travel to nearby
beaches or countries. There are also many other ex-pats living here, so you’ll be sure to make friends quickly! Do
not forget to apply for a Sri Lanka visa.
This visa is initially valid for 30 days, but its validity can be extended up to 90 days once you have arrived in
Sri Lanka. This needs to be done at the Immigration Service Centre in Colombo.

Hustle and bustle in Vietnam

One of the most exciting places to be a digital nomad in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City. This is a city that
doesn’t sleep. If you thrive in a fast-paced and exciting environment, then this would be a great place to be a
digital nomad. If you prefer a smaller place, Hoi An has a fantastic old town. You’ll be surprised when
walking around here and tasting the delicious local dishes. You’ll also find many coworking spaces and cafés
in Vietnam. Tourists also need a visa to travel to Vietnam.


Most electronic visas have a rather short validity period, with a few exceptions, like New Zealand. They are
perfect for holidays or short business trips, and they would also be great for your digital nomad adventure.
However, if you really wish to stay for a longer period of time than the e-visa allows you to stay, you would
have to apply for a different type of visa at the embassy of your destination. The process of applying for a
paper visa does however always take longer than applying for an e-visa, and it is usually more expensive.

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