Would a Tech-First Approach To Business Work In Yorkshire?

When most people think of the biggest tech businesses, they inevitably start thinking of the biggest hubs in the world like Silicon Valley in the U.S. or just London in general within England. In the past, this was always because the capital had all the best tech, best facilities and best services around to make it possible, but recent years have shown that this is no longer an absolute requirement.

Remote working has opened up the potential of any region of the country with a decent internet connection, meaning that Yorkshire may have a window to invest in the technology sector. The big question is, would it actually suit the region to invest heavily in the tech sector?

The Opportunities

 The umbrella of technology covers everything from finance to cryptocurrency and everything in between. To highlight the massive range, take two of the biggest tech industries in the country. On the one hand, you have the casino industry which has grown massively, to the point that a casino online in the UK like MrQ is often one of the most developed on the market. It’s an industry all about entertainment and has proven to be a major success in transitioning from traditional in-person casinos to online offerings. 

On the other end of the tech world is cybersecurity, an area that the U.K. already acts as a world leader for in many aspects. Security in general is a major UK tech industry covering online security and physical security with cutting-edge facial recognition systems and a number of leading experts on the books. These two industries do interact regularly but the difference between the two shows the breadth of potential there is for investment.

Up and Coming Trends

If we look at the newest areas of tech that are emerging, the most opportunities present themselves currently in the areas of blockchain and AI, especially in the development and consultancy areas. AI alone is expected to grow twenty times over as an industry just in the next decade and blockchain is rapidly reaching the point of generating real revenue as an essential part of logistics and business in general.

For AI development itself, many leading tech companies have already established the most well-known names in the industry so competing as a smaller business would be difficult, however consultancies on the topic are in serious demand. It’s a very new market and many big companies are rushing to understand and use it, so there is an opening there for the people of Yorkshire to do what they have always done best: give advice.

This is likely the best way that the Yorkshire region can best take advantage of the new world of tech. Without any inherent ‘natural resources’ like high-tech facilities or infrastructure, carving out a niche in consultancy that can easily be done remotely with the minimal investment needed beyond a few computers and training. More than anything, it would fit the local business mindset without needing to disrupt decades of development.

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