5 Hygge Essentials Needed to Cosy Up Your Home This Season

Whether or not you’re a home interior addict, you’re bound to have heard of hygge – the Danish lifestyle trend of feeling comfy, cosy and content, particularly during the chilly winter. Now that crisp autumn days are finally upon us, it’s time to get you and your home ready for the season of hibernation.

James Waylett from Jacobs & Dalton, a luxury sheepskin company, explains: “In recent years, hygge has been considered a passing fad or trend in home interiors, but it’s become clear that it’s in fact a way of life and is here to stay! We consider hygge to be an entire experience and atmosphere that is humble, like a warm cosy hug. Not only does the cold weather bring people together, but you can also practice a bit of self-care by enjoying your own company with a hot drink while snuggled up by the fire.”

While hygge and its cosy contentment might have a different meaning to everyone, ultimately it’s about being mindful about what brings you joy in your home environment and focusing on the small things that make that difference to you. 

Here are 5 ways you can incorporate hygge into your home this season:


You may not have heard of a hyggekrog before, but Danes believe it is the one thing every living space needs. The best way to describe it is a “cosy nook” – the little nest in your chosen space where you can snuggle up with blankets, cushions, a good book and some lovely lighting. Each hyggekrog will be unique to the owner’s own personal home comforts and style. This unique intimate space gives us the opportunity to feel safe and relaxed without being overlooked, whether that’s a corner of a sofa, a light and airy bay window or simply your own bed.

Tactile Materials

Hygge is not just about the way things look, in fact, hygge covers all five of the senses. Humans are tactile creatures and we just can’t help but to reach out and touch interesting textures and finishes. Thinking carefully about combining different natural textures in your home will help add to the hygge vibe, from soft and snuggly sheepskin which helps to make the most of intimate spaces or to cosy up a more open plan living area, to cool, smooth glass and ceramic mugs warmed by a hot drink within.


Lighting is absolutely crucial to getting the hygge vibe right. What you choose for your own home is up to you, but it may be a combination of that perfect dappled natural autumn sunshine shining through the glass, dimmed electric lighting or flickering firelight. Candles are an absolutely key part of a cosy hygge space, not only for their warm glow, but also for the evocative and nostalgic scents which can create that crucial safe atmosphere that you crave.


If you’re looking out the window and struggling to understand how Yorkshire’s sometimes dreary and dismal weather can contribute towards the feeling of hyggelig, you need to flip that on its head! While the outdoors may seem bleak, it’s the contrast of coming back into a warm and cosy home from a blustery and soggy dog walk that truly shows you the meaning of hygge.

Inside the home, decorating with a little help from mother nature will only help to enhance that perfect Scandi feel. Add wooden elements, such as smooth wooden bowls for snacks or candle holders hewn out of tree branches, to hearken back to our roots. Even the smell of charred wood on the fire or the feel of wooden floorboards underfoot will help us feel closer to nature in a simple way.

Good Food

Finally, since hygge is about incorporating every single one of the senses, you can’t skip out on the food – the sumptuous smells and tantalising tastes of flavours that you enjoy. This might mean treating yourself to a tempting piece of cake, or it might be spending a whole day creating a simple but hearty stew for friends and family to share. The idea is more about taking time to treat yourself kindly, stepping away from what is particularly healthy and making a choice about what will make you feel happy in the moment

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