Experts Reveal How to Conserve Fuel If Petrol Isn’t Available

With the fuel crisis starting to worry drivers and fuel companies, Sam Dawson, Head of Car and Van at Swinton Insurance has provided the below tips to help you work on becoming more fuel-efficient. 

Check Your Tyres

If you’re driving around with tyres that are not inflated to the right pressure, you’re using more fuel than you need. But, more importantly, it can be dangerous. To find the right pressure for your vehicle, refer to your user manual or find information either on the inside of your car door or petrol cap.

Boot Out Extra Weight

Driving around with a boot full of things you don’t need adds extra weight to your car, meaning it has to work harder to drive and consequently uses more fuel.

Streamline Your Motor

Unless you’re consistently using them for a specific journey, remove roof racks or roof boxes. These cause your car to drag, meaning you’re using unnecessary fuel.

A Regular Service

Keep the car engine running more smoothly and efficiently by keeping on top of your car’s service requirements and using the right type of oil.

Know Where You’re Going

might sound obvious, but planning your route via a route planner or sat nav minimises the risk of getting lost, making it less likely you’ll use any extra fuel. Checking traffic news to avoid long jams or queues also helps cut down on fuel consumption.

An efficient, well-serviced car without surplus baggage and weight is going to take you further for less, every time. Make sure you take a few minutes to see what changes you could make to your car and see how much it could save you on fuel.

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