Virtual Reality: What’s in store for the future of casino gaming?

Live casino is now a well-established part of the online casino scene. Combining the best of both worlds, you can get the excitement and atmosphere of a land-based casino, streamed to your device in the comfort of your own home.

There is already a lot of sophisticated technology involved in these live games, including high-definition cameras, advanced software and live streaming – all of which help towards creating a seamless and entertaining experience.

If you’re a regular player of online casino UK games on Paddy Power, for example, then you’ll know that you are presented with a real-life dealer, as well as the social aspect of a live chat stream, where you can interact with other players and the dealer.

Live casino games already offer an immersive gaming experience, but what if you could take that to the next level? With developments in technology, could virtual reality (VR) be the next addition in the world of casino?

What is virtual reality?

VR gaming isn’t a totally new concept, as the initial idea has been around since the ‘90s when Nintendo released the Virtual Boy console, and Sega announced the Sega VR headset for arcade games and the Mega Drive console.

Current VR systems for games use either a VR headset or multiple projections, to generate the sensations of a physical environment within a virtual setting, using realistic images and sounds to create the ultimate immersive experience.

How is virtual reality transforming online casino gaming?

Although gaming software developers face some challenges when it comes VR casino gaming, it is likely that this tech will become common-place in the industry over the next decade. Taking it further than the already present live casino format, VR will transport the player to the casino floor in a fully immersive game, where they can interact with the dealer and game at hand in a lifelike environment. Similar to live casino, these games will occur in real-time, with the use of a VR headset and iGambling platform. 

These VR settings will transform the idea of inhabiting the virtual casino from the comfort of your own home. It will intensify the social aspect, with the idea that you can interact with the avatars of other players and the dealer, observing hand gestures and body language, alongside the usual in-game chat feature.

Roulette and virtual reality

Gaming developers, Microgaming, were the first to create a VR and iGaming version of the Roulette game. It uses a VR headset and 3D controller, but due to low demand and complications hosting on gaming sites, it’s currently unavailable at online casinos.

Poker and virtual reality

Developers in Switzerland have pioneered the VR Poker game, with one game in particular featuring a detailed casino floor with six Texas Hold’em Poker tables. As a cross-platform gaming site, it can be run on different VR headsets and software.

The game is however, run on an entertainment-only gaming sitetherefore the players are offered free chips at the start of the game, and any winnings are superficial – meaning they can’t be cashed in for any real money at the end of the game.

Slots and virtual reality

It may seem that live casino and VR technology goes hand in hand, but there is some development when it comes to the unlikely pairing of online Slots and VR. There are thoughts in the casino market that incorporating this tech can highly improve the slot experience!

It is believed that some software developers will be unveiling VR versions of classic slot games in the not-so-distant future. Players will therefore be able to experience the same basis of gameplay by spinning those reels, but within realistic, 3D environments and with more animated slot gaming. 

The future of online casinos

The partnership of VR and online casino gaming is in its early stages, but as technology develops in both industries, and the required gear becomes more readily available for the player, we can expect the VR casino market to continue to grow.

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