19 Of The Best Yorkshire Gin Brands

We’ve been combining Juniper Berries with alcohol since as far back as 70 A.D , when they were mixed with wine as a remedy for chest ailments. It wasn’t until the 17th Century that Gin became a popular drink and, with a pint of the potent tipple costing less than a pint of beer, the English poor spent the next couple of centuries completely intoxicated!  Fast forward to 2018 and Gin is yet again one of the most popular tipples. There are new brands and new varieties popping up all over the place and I for one would quite like to try ALL of them. As we’re in Yorkshire, it’s only right that we support our local businesses and distilleries by consuming some of the best Yorkshire gins available.

Yorkshire has been producing gin since the 16th century and we can proudly boast that some of the country’s most popular gins come from our county. The weekend is fast approaching and you may be wondering what brand of Gin you should be purchasing next.  Supermarkets, off licenses and even Michelin-starred restaurants in Yorkshire now stock a huge variety and, there is only so long you can spend in the gin section without people making assumptions. There are also countless bars offering gin tasting in Leeds. Therefore, we have put together a list of some of the gins crafted in Yorkshire and we recommend you work your way through it at a sensible pace! At the end of this article is a poll, where you can cast your vote for your favourite gin!

19 of the best Yorkshire Gins…

Yorkshire Gins

Cooper King Distillery – Dry Gin

Cooper King Distillery Dry Gin

Cooper King Distillery, near York, unite state-of-the-art vacuum distillation with the traditional copper pot method to produce a gin which has “incredible savoury lemongrass flavours, a silky mouthfeel and delicate floral notes.”

For every bottle of gin they sell, 1 square metre of native English woodland is planted through their Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust partnership. That alone is a great reason to buy a bottle of their Gin (as if the beautiful bottle isn’t reason enough!) and they recommend that you try it neat before adding your mixers!

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Whittaker’s Pink Particular Gin

Whittaker's Gin

Whittaker’s Gin is produced by the family-run, Harrogate Distillery, on Harewell House Farm in Nidderdale. The artisian, small-batch gin uses naturally-sourced water from their own land, along with local Hawthorne Berries and Bog Myrtle.

The Pink Particular Gin is wonderfully aromatic with flavours of cardamon, lemon citrus and pink peppercorns. It should be served neat or with just a dash of tonic.

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Premium Harrogate Gin

The first batch of gin from the Harrogate Tipple Distillery was released at RHS Harlow Carr in October 2016. Originally produced in an old Smokehouse in the centre of Harrogate, Premium Harrogate Gin is now distilled at Harrogate Tipple’s new distillery on the Ripley Castle Estate.

If you live locally, you can order a bottle and have it hand delivered to you by their little van (affectionately known as ‘Tiny Tipple’) at no extra cost.  In addition to their Premium Gin, they also produce Blueberry and Gooseberry flavoured Yorkshire gins which sound absolutely scrumptious!

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JacqSon Original Dry Gin

yorkshire gin

JacqSon Gin is named after the mother and son team, Jacqueline and Sam, who produce it in Huddersfield. The inspiration for the gin came during a shared gin appreciation afternoon when both were taken aback by the vast differences between brands.

Flavours and ingredients were heavily researched before they settled on what are now, the two botanicals fundamental to the taste of Jacqson Original Gin – locally grown rhubarb and liquorice.

Leeds Gin

Distilled in the centre of Leeds, aptly named ‘Leeds Gin’ incorporates some of Yorkshire’s finest botanical ingredients including Yorkshire forced rhubarb from E.Oldroyd’s in Leeds.

The first batch of Leeds Gin went on sale in 2016 and is now stocked by numerous shops, bars, and restaurants across the county. Serve with tonic water and a twist of orange peel for a classic G & T.

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Sir Robin of Locksley

yorkshire gin

Sir Robin of Locksley® Distilled Artisan Gin is produced by Locksley Distilling Co. in Sheffield and named after the legendary Robin Hood. It took them 8 months and more than a hundred distillations to find the perfect recipe. Batch no.61 proved to be everything they had aimed for and this was bottled and branded as their Sir Robin of Locksley gin.

They describe the spirit as being a blend of traditional botanicals “with more delicate infusions of Elderflower, Dandelion and Pink Grapefruit.

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Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin – Lavender Edition

Masons are probably one of the most recognisable brands on the list. No doubt you’ve seen their “The Original” behind numerous bars and knocked back a few during the warm weather (where did that go?). However, there are two very different editions of Mason’s gin available and they both sound equally as delicious – Lavender and Tea.

The favourite from this particular brand is their Lavender Edition, which promises dry lavender notes on the nose and candied lavender on the palette.

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Raisthorpe Oak Aged Dry Gin

yorkshire gin

Raisthorpe Manor were famous for their liqueurs way before they started to produce and sell their Raisthorpe Distilled Dry Gin. They made homemade Raspberry Gin Liqueur from their country kitchen and served it to guests at Raisthorpe Flyers.

Using mineral water from the ancient springs beneath their land, they now produce two versions of gin in addition to their range of tasty liqueurs. Raisthorpe Oak-Aged Gin is their traditionally distilled gin that is rested in oak barrels to give it smooth and mellow flavour.

Rare Bird London Dry Gin

yorkshire gin

Rare Bird Distillery is housed in a Grade II listed, former stable block in Malton, North Yorkshire. Rare Bird’s gin is crafted in their specially commissioned, 300-litre copper still, which takes pride of place at the centre of the distillery.

Their London Dry Gin is distilled with 11 botanicals from across the globe, including hibiscus, green pepper and rosemary. Best served with tonic and a slice of pink grapefruit.

Slingsby London Dry Gin

slingsby yorkshire gin

Slingsby London Dry Gin was created by Spirit of Harrogate Founders, Marcus Black and Mike Carthy. Inspired by the story of William Slingsby, who discovered Harrogate’s Tewit Well in 1571, they wanted to produce something that would celebrate the town’s heritage as a spa town, visited by many for the supposed medicinal qualities of its water.

Over 24 botanicals are combined to make Slingsy Gin, including primrose, rosehip and Taylors of Harrogate Tea. 

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Hedgerow Gin

Sloemotion is a small family business run from Green Farm in the village of Barton-le-Willows. Passionate about the countryside and the wildlife which inhabit it, the team at Sloemotion hand-pick the botanicals from local hedgerows. Their first gin was made with the sloe berries from their blackthorn hedges, which are rarely eaten by birds and small mammals due to their bitter taste.

Their more recent offering, Hedgerow Gin, is crafted in small batches and brings together the flavours of crab apple, nettle leaf, sloes, elderflowers, and rosehip. Sloemotion recommends serving this with a dash of tonic and a sprig of thyme.

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Sheeps Eye Gin

yorkshire gin

According to their website, “The Lickerish Tooth was born from the minds of two drunk men, and a wife who went along with it”. The people behind this quirk brand have a fascination with the history of the plague and a love of the play ‘Guys and Doll’, so everything they produce, somehow pays homage to one or the other.

Their signature gin is their Sheeps Eye Gin which is a unique blend of 10 botanicals including celery seed, black pepper and thyme. Soft and slightly floral on the nose with an intense flavour of juniper.

Lemon & Thyme Flavoured Gin

The Little Red Berry Company are a multi-award winning company based near Ripon. They have been producing alcoholic liqueurs and flavoured gins since 2011 when they took their first Yorkshire gins to Otley Show for locals to sample.

Their Lemon & Thyme flavoured gin is a traditional London Dry Gin which combines Yorkshire spring water with organic lemons and fresh Yorkshire thyme. Perfect poured over ice and served with a sprig of mint!

Sheffield Dry Gin

yorkshire gin

Sheffield Dry Gin is distilled by True North Brew Company is in the first gin to be distilled and bottled in Sheffield for more than a century. It’s produced in small batches in their handmade copper still, imported from Portual.

Alongside traditional botanicals,  Sheffield Dry Gin is distilled with a somewhat unusual combination of fennel, cardamon, gentian root, grapefruit, lemon peel, honey and a dash of Hendersons Relish!

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Purple Ram

yorkshire gin purple ram

Yorkshire Dales Gin Distillery is a family-run distillery near Richmond, producing some great handcrafted gins. All their spirits are distilled using ancient mineral water from Swaledale and local botanicals.

All of their Yorkshire gins are quadruple distilled and 100% vapour infused and they all sound equally delicious. We particularly like the sound of ‘Purple Ram’ which is described as having  “A sweet nose of spicy orange, a smooth citrus palate and a balanced juniper finish.”

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Spirit of Masham

spirit of masham yorkshire gin

The Spirit of Masham distillery is owned by Cork and Cases and located on a small business park just outside Masham. It is open to the public so visitors can learn about the gin-making process and see the copper alembic still, which is used to create their “Spirit of Masham Gin”.

A unique flavoured gin with an aromatic nose, Spirit of Masham is distilled using Cork and Cases very own Masala Chai Tea. The addition of hops gives the gin a lemon finish.

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Hooting Owl Veterans Gin

Hooting Owl Veterans Gin is produced at an artisian distillery at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds. Hooting Owl Distillery is based in the historic Barmby Moor House – an elegant Georgian building which was a famous coaching house during the 18th and 19th centuries.

Their Veterans Gin is distilled using 14 botanicals including Grapefruit Peel, Kafir Lime, Angelica Root and Mountain ash. It is aged for three months before bottling to aid smoothness and has an impressive ABV of 50%.

York Gin Cocoa

The York Gin Company was founded by four friends who share a love of gin and a passion for their historic city. York Gin was the very first to be distilled in the city of York and despite being on sale for just 6 months, it is one of the most popular Yorkshire gins on the Summer Tasting Menu at London Gin Club, Soho.

York Gin Cocoa is distilled using cocoa beans from York Cocoa Works to give it a unique and intensely satisfying flavour along with the unmistakable aroma of chocolate. A wonderfully fitting tribute to York’s history of chocolate production.

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Addingham Fruit Liqueurs

Addingham Fruit Liqueurs is a small family run business, set up by Fiona Mann in Addingham, near Ilkley. Fiona was introduced to Sloe Gin by her late father-in-law and soon realised that you can “add any fruit to any spirit base”. After much encouragement and support from family and friends, she began experimenting with locally foraged fruits.

Addingham Fruit Liqueurs have gone from strength to strength and now have a wonderful range of liqueurs, including their wonderful Blackberry Gin Liqueur. All their products are made using only locally sourced ingredients.

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