Whittaker’s Gin | One Of Yorkshire’s Finest

Whittaker’s Gin is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable small batch Yorkshire gin brands in the region, however the company behind the brand are surprisingly young. The Harrogate Distillery LTD, the distillery behind the gin was founded in 2015 by Toby and Jane Whittaker because of their love for the age old tipple.

Their gin range consists of a growing number of signature blends, including The Original, Pink Particular, Clearly Sloe and Navy Strength. 

You would be forgiven for believing that Whittaker’s gin was a long established company, due to their nostalgic yet creative branding, which nods to the traditional. However, in the short time that they have been trading, they have certainly made a name for themselves, winning an array of awards including ADI Best Internation Gin 2018 and Double Gold Medal for their Original. Their Pink Particular gin, which is a staff favourite won “Best Contemporary European Gin at the 2016 Craft Distilling Expo in London and those are just a few of the many accolades that they have picked up.

Whittaker's Gin served with sprig of thyme

Toby discovered his passion for Gin when taking a distilling course at Heriot Watt, which he found was akin with his love of Chemistry, which he studied at University many years ago.

Throughout their working lives, previous to becoming one of the most watched gin producers in the region, the Whittaker’s both worked in property and it wasn’t until their daughters were set to leave home that they decided to persue their shared passion.

Their first creations were a far cry from their no renowned tipples, where Toby began his mission, experimenting with supermarket vodka before adding local ingredients of all varieties in the desire to reach gin perfection. In an article with Gin Foundry, Jane described ““The kitchen in the house was taken over frequently by Toby in his quest for gin perfection, using our garden hose for cooling out of the kitchen window, while I ran around sealing all of the joins on our leaking still so we didn’t contaminate the contents as it was boiling.”

We’re delighted to say that their operation grew from the kitchen of their home into the operation which we see today!

The Whittaker’s Gin Range

Whittaker’s Gin | The Original

42% ABV, Available from Amazon. £33.19. Buy now.

Whittaker's Gin - The Orginial
Whittakers Original Gin

A traditional smooth gin with a base of Juniper, Coriander and Angelica Root, including botanical’s of Hawthorn Berries, Bilberries, Bog Myrtle and Garden Thyme with a hint of Lemon Citrus.

Best Served With: Regular Tonic and garnished with Juniper berries and a sprig of woody garden Thyme. 

Whittaker’s Gin | Pink Particular

42% ABV, Available From Amazon, £33.29 Buy Now

Whittaker's Gin Pink Particular
Whittaker’s Gin | Pink Particular

An award-winning contemporary gin with signature botanical’s of Pink Peppercorns, Pink Hibiscus and Cardamom with a hint of Lemon Citrus.

Best Served With: Regular Tonic with a garnish of pink peppercorns or a pink hibiscus flower.

Whittaker’s Gin | Navy Strength Gin

57% ABV, Available From Amazon, £39.65 Buy Now

Whittaker's Navy Strength Gin
Whittaker’s Gin | Navy Strength

A base of Juniper, Coriander and Angelica Root with signature botanical’s of Hawthorn Berries, Bilberries, Bog Myrtle and Garden Thyme with a hint of Lemon Citrus. Made for cocktails.

Best Served With: Created for cocktails but can be drunk with regular tonic with a garnish of Juniper berries and a sprig of woody garden Thyme. (Not for the faint hearted!)

Whittaker’s Gin | Clearly Sloe Gin

42% ABV, Available from Amazon, £33.50 Buy Now

Whittaker's Clearly Sloe Gin

A contemporary gin of Sloes soaked in Original Whittaker’s Gin for no less than 6 months then laced with Liquorice for 24 hours before distillation.

Best Served With: Ideally a double dutch cranberry tonic but a regular tonic is also appropriate – garnish with crushed Cranberries.

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