Boojum, the Award-Winning Mexican Eatery, Set to Spice Up Leeds Merrion Centre

Exciting news for food enthusiasts in Leeds: Boojum, the highly acclaimed Mexican eatery known for its fresh, vibrant flavours and generous portions, is gearing up to make its debut in Leeds Merrion Centre this April. With its first mainland UK store, Boojum aims to captivate the taste buds of Yorkshire’s bustling city dwellers, offering a unique culinary experience that has garnered a cult-like following across Ireland.

Boojum’s journey traces back to 2007 when it opened its doors in Belfast. Since then, the brand has flourished, expanding to 15 stores across Ireland and earning a reputation for delivering “live out loud food” that tantalizes the senses. Now, the brand sets its sights on Leeds, bringing its signature blend of bold flavours and fresh ingredients to the heart of the city.

At the forefront of Boojum’s offerings are its famed burritos, bowls, nachos, tacos, chips, and salsas—all crafted fresh in-store daily. Boojum prides itself on quality, value, and consistency, evident in its recognition as the #6 trending dish on Deliveroo globally and the top Mexican dish on the platform.

Rob Powell, Head of Operations at Boojum, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to excellence: “Quality and value are at the heart of Boojum. We work hard to ensure every burrito, in every store, is made to the same high standard every day.”

What sets Boojum apart is not just its delectable fare but also its vibrant atmosphere and commitment to customer experience. Boojum stores exude energy and diversity, with eclectic playlists setting the tone for a lively dining experience that keeps patrons coming back for more.

In addition to its mouthwatering menu, Boojum offers a multi-channel experience, including a loyalty scheme available on the Boojum app and delivery options through all major delivery platforms from the day of its launch.

The expansion into Leeds Merrion Centre marks a significant milestone for Boojum, with plans for further growth across the UK in the pipeline. David Maxwell, CEO of Boojum, shares insights into the brand’s ambitious vision: “Our goal is to spread the Boojum experience across the UK, bringing our unique blend of flavour and personality to 25 new stores over the next 5 years.”

Leeds was a natural choice for Boojum’s mainland debut, owing to its vibrant student life and reputation as a foodie paradise. The city’s dynamic spirit resonates with Boojum’s ethos of creating memorable experiences through food.

Paul McCullagh, Head of Marketing, highlights the brand’s emphasis on authenticity and individuality: “People are at the heart of Boojum. Team members are encouraged to be genuine and express themselves—it’s what gives the Boojum brand a personality.”

Beyond offering mouthwatering Mexican fare, Boojum is poised to become an integral part of Leeds’ culinary landscape, infusing the city with the rich flavours and vibrant ambience that define the Boojum experience. As the countdown to the grand opening begins, Leeds residents can anticipate a fiesta of flavours and a new dining destination to savour and celebrate.

To learn more about the launch and stand a chance to win free burritos for a year, visit here and embark on a culinary journey with Boojum, where every bite is an adventure in taste.

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