Call Lane Favourite Unveils ‘Most Out There’ Bottomless Brunch in Leeds

Bottomless brunch at Cuckoo, Leeds

Prepare to step into a world where brunch becomes an adventure and conventional menus are a thing of the past. Cuckoo, the vibrant gem on Call Lane, Leeds, is set to redefine your brunch experience with their latest offering: the Bottomless Brunch extravaganza.

A Feast for the Bold

From May 1st, Cuckoo invites you to indulge in their unique take on brunch, featuring unlimited boozy slushies and a tantalising array of pizzas—all for just £25 per person. Bid farewell to the mundane and embrace the unexpected with eight quirky bottomless pizza options. Explore flavours like the daring Hot Honey or the controversial Yorkshire ‘gravy’ pizza, and embark on a brunch journey unlike any other.

The Full Menu:

  • CHILLI CHEESE DOG – Tomato Base / Mozzarella / Hotdog / Crispy Onion / Chilli Flakes / Ketchup & Mustard Drizzle
  • HOT HONEY – Tomato Base / Mozzarella / Pepperoni / Chilli Flakes / Hot Honey Drizzle
  • YORKSHIRE PIZZA – Gravy Base / Mozzarella / Chicken / Broccoli / Mixed Herbs
  • BBQ BIRD BBQ – Base / Mozzarella / Roast Chicken / Peppers / Onion / Sweetcorn
  • FLAMING FLAMINGO – Tomato Base / Mozzarella / Pepperoni / Chicken / Peppers / Onion / Hot Sauce Drizzle
  • KRAZY KATSU – Katsu Sauce Base / Mozzarella / Chicken / Pepper / Spring Onions / Katsu Drizzle / Mixed Herbs
  • CUCKOO CARBONARA – White Sauce / Mozzarella
  • GARLIC BREAD – Garlic Butter / Rosemary / Maldon Sea Salt

Quench Your Thirst

As you relish each unconventional slice, sip on an array of refreshing drinks in Cuckoo’s secret rooftop garden. From frozen Pornstar and Aperol slushies to summer spritzes including Raspberry Ripple and Beach Breeze, there’s a tipple to suit every palate. And for those seeking familiarity, classic options like house lager, prosecco, and soft drinks are available on tap.

An Escape from the Ordinary

Bar manager Calum Heffron invites you to embrace the laid-back atmosphere and vibrant décor of Cuckoo. “If you’re in the mood for copious amounts of alcohol to wash down a bit of brunch with your most fun mates in Leeds city centre, then you’ve found your new spot.” It’s not just brunch; it’s an experience—a chance to unwind and let loose in the heart of Leeds.

Book Your Adventure

The Cuckoo Bottomless Brunch awaits, offering 90 minutes of bottomless pizza and unlimited drinks. Available Monday to Thursday from 5 pm to 9 pm, and Friday to Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm, this culinary escapade is yours for £25 per person. Secure your spot starting May 1st by emailing

More Surprises Await

But the excitement doesn’t end with brunch. Keep an eye out for Cuckoo’s upcoming Willy Wonka-inspired cocktail menu, set to debut in May. With concoctions like The Marshmallow Martini and Candyfloss Carnival, there’s always something new to discover at Cuckoo.

Join the Adventure

Don’t miss your chance to try one of Leeds’ most unconventional brunch experiences. Visit for more information.

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