Carlton Towers Partners with Fairfax Distillery to Launch its own Botanical Gin

Carlton Towers has partnered with Fairfax Distillery to launch its very own botanical gin. Carlton Towers Gin is a delicious blend of elderflower, lemon verbena & thyme.

The gin has been created using botanicals from the Carlton Towers estate selected by owners Lord & Lady Gerald Fitzalan Howard, in conjunction with the family-owned Yorkshire based distillery.

The idea for the gin began in June 2023 when Lord & Lady Fitzalan Howard invited Kelly McCarthy from Fairfax Distillery to spend the day at Carlton Towers where they learnt about the distillation process and foraged ingredients from the estate and herb garden creating the stately home’s first exclusive gin.

‘We are thrilled to announce the launch of our homespun gin enhanced by self-foraged botanicals including elderflower from our estate, with the subtle addition of lemon verbena and thyme from our herb garden. Our gin would make the perfect gift, a souvenir for wedding couples to remember their special day or just as a special treat,” said Lady Emma Fitzalan Howard.

“It was such a pleasure to be asked by Lord and Lady Fitzalan Howard to come to Carlton Towers. I was amazed when I stepped into the herb gardens, such an array of beautiful botanicals to choose from. Once the botanicals were picked, I couldn’t wait to get back to the distillery to start creating and crafting the perfect marriage of flavours.

“The gin is amazing! So fresh, with elderflower on the nose and a great burst of elderflower and lemon verbena on the initial taste then the thyme just nestles in at the back to give a little more structure and blend in with juniper”, said Kelly McCarthy, Fairfax Distillery.

Carlton Towers Gin costs £45 per bottle, is available for purchase and will be stocked in Carlton Towers’ in-house bar. It is also available to purchase online.

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