Chip Shop Hooray! Fat Hippo Unveils Limited Edition Burger

While differences in football loyalties and tea preferences often divide the nation, one dish stands as a unifying force: the beloved Chippy Tea. However, imagine if this classic British feast underwent a contemporary transformation, blending the nostalgic allure of chip shops with the inventive twists of gourmet burgers. Introducing Fat Hippo, renowned for their mastery of patties, as they unveil their latest creation poised to delight palates and reimagine conventional notions of takeaway favourites.

The Fusion of Flavours

Prepare to embark on a culinary adventure as Fat Hippo introduces their latest masterpiece: the Chip Shop Hooray! This limited-edition Easter burger is a testament to the creative prowess of Fat Hippo’s BurgerLab, where boundaries are pushed and flavour combinations are redefined. At the heart of this gastronomic delight lies a generous portion of classic beer battered cod, reminiscent of the traditional fish supper served up in chip shops across the nation. But this is no ordinary fish sandwich; nestled within a sturdy brioche bun, the beer-battered cod is elevated to new heights with the addition of ‘mashy’ minted peas, homemade tartare sauce, chipotle ketchup, and the essential salt ‘n’ vinegar batter scraps.

A Side of Nostalgia

No chip shop experience would be complete without a side of crispy, golden chips drenched in curry sauce or gravy. Fat Hippo stays true to tradition with their Chippy Chips, offering diners the opportunity to indulge in this quintessentially British pairing. Hand-cut chips, sourced from their dedicated field in Northumberland, are accompanied by salt ‘n’ vinegar batter scraps and the diner’s choice of chip-shop style curry sauce or gravy, adding a nostalgic touch to every bite.

A Legacy of Innovation

While fish and chips hold a special place in the hearts of Britons, Fat Hippo isn’t content to simply rest on tradition. With a commitment to pushing culinary boundaries and embracing the latest flavour trends, Fat Hippo continues to revolutionise the burger scene with its daring creations. Michael Johnson, Fat Hippo’s Operations Director, reflects on the inspiration behind the Chip Shop Hooray: “Our BurgerLab thrive off a challenge, so when we set out to create something completely different to our current menu offering, nothing was off the table.”

From March 28th to April 28th, food enthusiasts can experience the culinary magic of the Chip Shop Hooray at all 17 Fat Hippo locations across the UK. It will also be available for delivery via Just Eat, UberEats, and Deliveroo.

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