Cosy Club Unveils Irresistible Valentine’s Menu for Two

Cosy Club is gearing up to sweep lovers off their feet this Valentine’s Day with its tantalising Valentine’s menu for two. From February 10th to February 14th, guests are invited to revel in an evening of culinary delight featuring an array of sumptuous dishes and exquisite libations, all thoughtfully curated to celebrate the spirit of love.

Priced at £30 per head, the Valentine’s menu promises an unforgettable dining experience complete with a starter, main course, limited edition sharing dessert, and a signature Raspberry Crush cocktail. Crafted to perfection, each dish and libation embodies the essence of romance and indulgence, making it the ideal setting to celebrate cherished moments with loved ones.

As part of Cosy Club’s celebration of love, two exclusive collaborations are set to dazzle guests throughout the month of February. Embracing the health-conscious trend, Cosy Club introduces PerfectTed’s hot and iced Matcha drinks alongside two Matcha cocktails, including the vibrant Strawberry Iced Matcha Latte. Offering a refreshing blend of slow-release caffeine and antioxidants, these concoctions are bound to invigorate the senses.

In another enchanting partnership, Cosy Club presents Della Vite Prosecco Rose, a creation by Chloe, Poppy, and Cara Delevingne. This sustainably crafted prosecco, priced at an exclusive Cosy Club month of love rate of £33.75, offers the perfect accompaniment to toast to cherished moments with loved ones.

Kate Lister-Clancy, Marketing Director at Loungers, expressed her enthusiasm for the Valentine’s offerings, stating, “Whether you’re out with friends, a partner, or just out to impress, our decadent dining and tantalising tipples set against a backdrop of elegance and timeless glamour are bound to set hearts racing…and all without breaking the bank.”

The Valentine’s Menu for Two promises a culinary journey like no other:

Raspberry Crush Cocktail
Freshly crushed raspberries blended with Grey Goose vodka, fruity zinfandel rose, cranberry juice, and a dash of lemon.


  • Sticky and succulent treacle cured pork belly bites
  • Mozzarella and tomato arancini with garlic aioli and shaved parmesan
  • Asian fried chicken dressed in soy, chilli, and ginger glaze
  • Charred tenderstem broccoli topped with lemon and garlic tahini and pomegranate seeds


  • Pan-fried seabass in a creamy white wine sauce
  • Rich and warming duck leg cassoulet
  • Chestnut mushroom risotto served with truffle oil
  • 7oz fillet steak served with parmesan, rocket, and fries (£8 supplement)

Limited Edition Valentine’s Sharing Dessert
Including a salted caramel and chocolate cheesecake, raspberry sorbet, and dark chocolate mousse served in a caramel basket.

This Valentine’s Day, Cosy Club invites guests to indulge in an evening of culinary romance and cherished moments. With its enchanting ambiance and exquisite offerings, it’s the perfect destination to celebrate the language of love.

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