Fat Hippo Announce New Weird and Wonderful Halloween Specials, Including Black Cheese Balls!

It’s trick AND treat over at Fat Hippo this Halloween as their BurgerLabs appear to have been possessed by the dark side and have summoned up a lineup of spooky specials that promise to get Halloween fans in the spirit! 

Just as we thought everyone’s favourite starter, Fat Hippo’s Cheese Balls couldn’t get any more iconic, they enter their dark era in the form of Black Cheese Balls! In what can only be described as cheesy sorcery, these charcoal-coated orbs, hubble and bubbled in sriracha and ranch, will cast a spell on your senses. Take your TikTok into villain mode with a black cheese-pull like no other!

And the enchantment doesn’t stop there, just like all good scary movies get their sequels – as do Fat Hippo’s Hippoween specials! Back with a vengeance, get ready to sink your fangs into the return of the Hocus Porkus! This potion calls for their infamous black bun to be loaded with their signature juicy beef patty, gooey American cheese, crunchy pork scratchings, tortilla-crusted jalapeño poppers, black pudding and bacon crumb, Hellacious Hippo Hot sauce and topped with lashings of creamy garlic mayo – you know, to keep the vampires away! And be hungry, be very hungry for Hippoween Hand Cut Chips. Hippo seasoned thick hand-cut chips, loaded with garlic butter mayo and crispy black pudding and smokey bacon crumb.

Fat Hippo Executive Chef, Richard Nelson said; “Our BurgerLab love to get creative and Hippoween is always the outlet for their craziest ideas. Working hard for months to make their nightmares a reality, the idea of black cheese balls has come to life. This means a new cooking approach, but always freshly prepared mozzarella and secret batter recipe resulting in the same great taste with no compromises on flavour. This one is freak-ishly good!”

The Hocus Porkus, Hippoween Hand Cuts and Black Cheese Balls will be available from October 4th ‘til October 31st, exclusively at all 18 Fat Hippo locations across the UK, as well as Just Eat, UberEats and Deliveroo and on their in-house Click + Collect service. 

For more information about Fat Hippo and their specials menu visit: 

Website → fathippo.co.uk

Facebook → facebook.com/fathippofood

Instagram → instagram.com/fathippofood

TikTok → tiktok.com/@fathippofood

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