‘Gincompetent’ Burglar Smashes into Gin Shop and Steals Bottles of Vinegar Water

A recent burglary attempt at the York Gin Shop turned out to be more comedic than criminal when the would-be thief, aiming for premium craft gin, made off with three bottles filled not with the sought-after spirit, but with water infused with vinegar.

The incident, which occurred at the historic Sir Thomas Herbert’s House on Pavement, saw the intruder breaking through two windows in hopes of scoring some top-notch gin. However, they overlooked the conspicuous signs warning that the bottles on display contained no gin at all.

Jenny O’Hara, the shop manager, couldn’t help but chuckle at the folly, stating, “We can only imagine the disappointment of anyone who tasted the vinegar water from the stolen bottles. They’d be expecting some of the world’s best gin – quite a shock!”

Despite the amusement, repairing the Grade 1 Listed Building’s windows comes at a steep cost, estimated at around £1000.

North Yorkshire Police confirmed the incident and appealed for witnesses to come forward. Those with information can reach out to Harl Pattison via email at harl.pattison@northyorkshire.police.uk or call 101 (select option 2). Alternatively, anonymous tips can be provided to Crimestoppers at 0800 555 111.

The York Gin Shop even came up with a fitting term for the blunder – “gincompetent” – Inability to do something correctly with particular reference to gin.

As the investigation progresses, the incident stands as a humorous reminder of the unpredictability of human endeavors.

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