Have You Tried This Yorkshire Tea Flavoured Gin?

It’s no secret that the UK has a renewed obsession with gin. In fact, there are more than 15 successful Yorkshire Gin distilleries producing delightful and unique blends now.

In 2018, alternative flavours have been at the forefront of the gin trend. Including the rise of pink gin, violet gin and even marshmallow gin. 

However, proud Yorkshire distillers, and arguably one of the most well-known brands in the region, Masons Gin have combined their passion for gin with their passion for Yorkshire Tea! We absolutely love the idea of drinking Yorkshire Tea during the day and then Yorkshire Tea gin at night. The only thing we’re yet to decide upon, is whether or not we should be dunking our hobnobs in it!

Yorkshire Tea Gin – WHAT it is, WHY you should try it and WHERE you can buy it!

yorkshire tea gin

Mason’s Gin is distilled in the small market town of Bedale and the original Masons Yorkshire Gin has been around since 2013, when their final recipe was agreed upon. Botanicals include almond oil, fennel, cardamon, bay leaf, lemon, orange, lime zest and a great deal of juniper!

In 2015, Masons introduced two new flavours of their fabulous gin – Yorkshire Gin Lavender Edition and Yorkshire Gin Tea Edition. Both flavours are equally as delicious but, it’s the Tea Edition which gets our vote, simply because it’s so unusual and combines our two favourite drinks!


The gin has over 50 reviews on Amazon with an average score of 4.5 stars out of 5! One gin lover said “Mason’s gin is no-nonsense good quality gin from Bedale in Yorkshire. Is it better than average and straightforward too. It comes in a plain bottle with Mason’s gin on the label. Nothing too fancy and there is nothing to tell you what particular blend of herb you should drink it with or what specific type of tonic you need to add. It is good quality, straightforward gin from Yorkshire and I like it. A lot.”

The Yorkshire Tea Gin is available to buy from Amazon in either 20cl, 70cl bottles or a gift set of three 5cl bottles.

The 20cl version is priced at a very affordable £13.50, making it a perfect stocking filler idea for any proud Yorkshire gin lover.

The 70cl bottle of Masons Yorkshire Gin Tea Edition is a little pricier but remains affordable at £34.

The trio of Masons Yorkshire Gin miniatures includes a 5cl bottle of Masons Original Yorkshire Gin, Masons Yorkshire Gin Lavender Edition and Masons Yorkshire Gin Tea Edition and it costs just £15 on Amazon. The perfect gift for the gin lover in your life!


The brand recommends serving their Yorkshire Gin Tea Edition as a traditional G&T, garnished with fresh lemon zest. They describe their wonderfully ‘Yorkshire’ tipple  as ” Delicate and fresh upon the palate, with a citrus sharpness hitting the senses and fresh aromas that swirl around. Plenty of Yorkshire Tea flavour develops on the palate, as well as fresh aniseed, cardamom & pepper notes before the tea returns for the long finish.”

Sound good? Head over to Amazon and stock up for Christmas!

Order your bottle of Masons Yorkshire Gin Tea Edition HERE 

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