Pizza Pilgrims Introduces Lasagna Pizza: A Slice of Italian Comfort with a Twist

Get ready to indulge in a mashup of two Italian favourites as Pizza Pilgrims unveils its latest creation: the Lasagna pizza! Available at all Pizza Pilgrims joints from March 4th, this special pie promises a whole new pizza experience.

Picture this: slow-cooked beef ragu, gooey mozzarella, and creamy béchamel sauce—all on a crispy pizza base. And wait, there’s more! Topped with crunchy pasta bits and a sprinkle of pecorino, it’s like having lasagna and pizza at the same time.

But here’s the cool part: Pizza Pilgrims isn’t just about tasty food; they’re into making a positive impact too. They source their beef from Grass Roots Farms, where they’re all about regenerative farming. Translation? It’s farming that’s good for the environment.

So, where did they get the idea for this crazy combo? Straight from the streets of Bologna, the home of lasagna. They soaked up all that Italian goodness and brought it back to create this masterpiece.

The result? A pizza that’s a nod to tradition but with a modern twist. It’s like taking a trip to Italy without leaving your neighborhood. And guess what? You can grab a slice for just £14.75, whether you’re dining in or grabbing it to go.

So, if you’re up for an adventure in taste, swing by Pizza Pilgrims and give their Lasagna pizza a try. It’s comfort food, Pizza Pilgrims style.

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