Warrendale Wagyu Launch New Sharing Steaks and ‘Love Bundle’ Ahead of Valentine’s Day

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, The UK’s leading producer of Wagyu beef, Warrendale Wagyu, has launched a range of sharing steaks and a new ‘Love Bundle’ for those looking to indulge in some home dining.

With prices starting at £20, all products are now available to buy online until the 15th  February.

Love Bundle

With a Sirloin and Ribeye option to choose from, the Love Bundle includes a steak for two which is accompanied by the brands latest venture, a bottle of WA-GYN. At 44%, WA-GYN is Warrendale Wagyu’s recently launched premium spirit that is set to change the landscape of savoury gins – as the first fat washed gin on the market within the UK.

The Love Bundle – Sirloin – £45

Includes a 14oz sharing Sirloin steak and a 20cl bottle of WA-GYN

The Love Bundle – Ribeye – £50

Includes a 14oz sharing Ribeye steak and a 20cl bottle of WA-GYN

Sharing Steaks

The sharing steaks are available in five different cuts and a variety of weights, offering something for every diner.

Wagyu Rump Sharing Steak 20oz – £20

Wagyu Sirloin Sharing Steak 14oz – £24

Wagy Ribeye Sharing Steak 14oz – £28

Wagyu Chateaubriand Sharing 500g – £50

Wagyu T-Bone 1kg – £65

Tom Richardson, Managing Director of Warrendale Wagyu commented: “It’s been exciting to create such a breadth of Valentine’s Day offerings this year, as home dining continues to be a popular date night option that offers a relaxed yet intimae experience. It felt particularly special to be able to curate our new Love Bundles and offer the perfect pairing for our steaks with our newly launched WA-GYN.

“We strive to be at the forefront of innovation in our industry and this latest venture into premium spirits has really helped to elevate the brand, and all the work we do at Warrendale to create a unique food experience for our customers.

“We hope that our range of exclusive products helps those celebrating this year create the perfect menu for loved ones.”

Find out more about all of Warrendale Wagyu’s exclusive Valentine’s Day offerings here: https://warrendale-wagyu.co.uk/valentines-day/

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