Yorkshire Dales Gastro-Inn Reopens After £600k Renovation

In a remarkable testament to preservation and revitalization, The Green Tree Inn, a 300-year-old listed pub nestled in the picturesque village of Patrick Brompton, North Yorkshire, has emerged from a two-year renovation program. This ambitious endeavor, spearheaded by Yorkshire-based hospitality group Crazy Rabbit Inns, marks a significant departure from the prevailing trend of pub closures sweeping the UK.

Led by Yorkshire entrepreneur Collette Sunderland, Crazy Rabbit Inns undertook the daunting task of restoring The Green Tree Inn, which had languished in disrepair for several years prior to its acquisition in 2021. Following a meticulous £600,000 restoration effort, which included the replacement of its stone-tiled roof, this historic gastro-inn has been reborn, promising a blend of tradition and modernity to patrons.

Sunderland expressed her profound pride in the restoration process, stating, “To say we have restored this old pub to its former glory would be an understatement. We have stripped this Grade II-listed, and very dilapidated building back to its bare bones and reimagined it as a perfect, cosy Dales pub, with superb food.”

The reopening of The Green Tree Inn heralds not only the revival of a cherished local landmark but also the creation of 15 full and part-time jobs, further enriching the fabric of the community. The inn boasts a 48-seat restaurant serving delectable dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients, cooked to perfection in wood-fired ovens.

Emphasizing the inn’s commitment to authenticity and locality, Group General Manager Sam Harrison ensures that only the freshest seasonal produce finds its way onto patrons’ plates, complemented by a selection of ales from esteemed local breweries including Wensleydale, Theakston, and Black Sheep.

The inn’s ambience is adorned with specially commissioned works by Yorkshire artists, lending an air of cultural richness to the dining experience. Sunderland envisions The Green Tree Inn as more than a mere establishment; it is a testament to Yorkshire’s heritage and a beacon of hospitality, beckoning locals and visitors alike to indulge in its warmth and charm.

Crazy Rabbit Inns, under Sunderland’s astute leadership, stands poised to redefine the landscape of luxury hospitality across the north of England. With plans to expand its portfolio of distinguished establishments, the company aims to meet the burgeoning demand for historic pubs offering exceptional food, libations, and accommodations.

Sunderland reflects on the broader significance of Crazy Rabbit Inns’ endeavors, stating, “There is a clear demand for the right sort of historic pub, offering outstanding food, wines, Beers and rooms in the right location, and we hope to build on our success with further investment and gastro inn openings from this Easter onwards.”

As The Green Tree Inn reopens its doors, it not only breathes new life into a cherished landmark but also symbolizes a commitment to preserving Yorkshire’s rich cultural heritage while embracing the demands of contemporary hospitality. For those seeking an authentic Dales experience, The Green Tree Inn beckons with roaring fires, sumptuous fare, and the promise of a warm Yorkshire welcome.

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