Could You Hack The METRE-LONG Pizza At This Leeds Restaurant?

Pizza lovers in Leeds, rejoice – because you can now buy a metre-long pizza, and it looks epic.

Reaching a total size of one metre (100cm) they’re absolutely enormous and can be served with sides including chips and garlic bread.

For the faint-hearted among you, it’s perfect to share with friends, or if you’re feeling adventurous (and hungry) you could take it on yourself!

The pizza costs £40, but according to the restaurant can comfortably serve 6. With that in mind, it’s pretty good value.

What’s more, you can customise the toppings you want to include, so can easily cater to different tastes.

You’ll find this epic pizza at The Yorkshire Deli in Victoria Gate, which is a beautifully designed setting or at their Wakefield venue.

As well as their headline-grabbing pizza’s, they serve a great selection of dishes ranging from sandwich platters, hot sandwiches and breakfast.

About The Yorkshire Deli

Describing themselves as “Unashamedly Yorkshire” naturally we were keen to find out more –

“Our food, our passions and our community are what make the Yorkshire Deli so special. It’s a place to grab a slice of something that’s different and yet feels so at home. We believe that when you walk through our door it should be about enjoying the things that matter; the people you’re with and the food that you eat.

We work with local suppliers, producers and even those a little further afield to bring you produce and a menu that offers the freshest, tastiest and most varied selections a deli can ever offer. Why? Because food brings people together, and great food gets conversations started. Here, we want you to feel at home, and eat some truly stunning things at the same time.”

A recent visitor said “Called last Thursday and had a great meal.

Had starter – rice balls Arancini – which were presented very well and tasted amazing. We then had pizza which was so tasty. Love the thin crust.

The quality of the food was so good and the staff amazing. Thank you to Mia the waitress. Jasmine who made the starter and Charlie who made the pizza.”

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