Bats, Balls and Battle Gear: Northern Superchargers Storm The Royal Armouries

The Northern Superchargers and Royal Armouries are thrilled to announce that they’ll be joining forces for a one-of-a-kind joint activation event, “Arming the Cricketer,” taking place at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds this Saturday, 29th July.

Start at 1pm, the “Arming the Cricketer” event will be hosted in the Tournament Gallery, on the second floor of the Royal Armouries, where visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to compare the protective gear used by modern cricket players with the formidable plate armour worn by medieval warriors. This unique juxtaposition aims to provide a deeper understanding of the evolution of protective equipment and how technology has revolutionised the game of cricket.

Attendees will be joined by the Northern Superchargers themselves, as Adam Lyth, Grace Hall and the newly appointed women’s captain Hollie Armitage, amongst others, will be joining in on the action. Fans will also have the chance to interact with their cricketing heroes and gain insights into the world of professional cricket.

Additionally, the event will be hosted by the charismatic and beloved ex-CBBC presenter, Ben Shires, whose infectious energy and passion for sports entertainment make him a family favourite across the nation.

To add more excitement to the proceedings, the museum will be hosting an exhilarating ‘100 Cricket Ball Hunt’ across its vast premises. Guests will be challenged to take on a thrilling museum-wide search for these 100 hidden cricket balls. Once found, participants can head to the Tournament Gallery to claim an exclusive Northern Superchargers goodie bag as a reward for their successful discovery.

The day’s activity will extend much further than the Royal Armouries, with the Northern Superchargers taking over Leeds Dock, where they’ll invite fans to attempt a floating throwing challenge in the hope of winning exclusive prizes such as Northern Superchargers merchandise and match day tickets to a home fixture at Headingley Stadium, to name but a few. 

Northern Superchargers Women’s Captain Hollie Armitage added: “We’re excited to be collaborating with the Royal Armouries for this unique event. This partnership gives us the perfect opportunity to not only introduce Northern Superchargers to a new audience but also meet with fans before we head into another exciting summer of The Hundred!

Leanne Hogg, Events & Live Interpretation Manager at Royal Armouries added: “We’re delighted to partner with the Northern Superchargers as part of the Royal Armouries Summer Events programme to co-deliver a live interpretation performance. Our Tournament Gallery explores how special armours were developed for protection in different medieval competitions and we’re excited for our audiences to see how the Northern Superchargers’ ‘armour’ compares and contrasts with the armour from medieval sports, that’s both on display in the museum and brought to life through our daily performances.”

This extraordinary event is free to the public, with tickets available to secure on the Royal Armouries website. We encourage everyone, from seasoned cricket aficionados to families seeking a day of excitement, to join us this Saturday for a day of fun.

And if that’s not enough cricket for you, Northern Superchargers action begins at Headingley Stadium on Thursday 3 August, with a double header as both the men’s and women’s teams host Birmingham Phoenix. With prices set at £5 for juniors aged 6-15, free for children of five and under, and adults starting from just £15! Don’t miss your chance to watch some of the best players in the world compete, alongside epic music performances in a high energy, family friendly environment!

Tickets for the Northern Superchargers can be purchased at

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