Celebrating 75 Years of the NHS at Thackray Museum of Medicine

Thackray Museum of Medicine is thrilled to announce “Heroes in Training: Celebrating 75 years of the NHS,” a special event taking place over two weekends in July. This event aims to honour the extraordinary legacy of the National Health Service (NHS) and inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals.

During these exclusive days, everyone is invited to a range of engaging activities and experiences in celebration of the NHS’s 75th anniversary. The event will be especially exciting for families with children from five years old. Children can gain free entry by dressing up as their personal “health hero”, and fancy dress options will be available on-site for those who need them.

The event will feature the “75 Faces of the NHS Trail” in collaboration with Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust. Guests can explore the museum while discovering the fascinating stories of the individuals featured in the campaign. Staff members from the NHS 75 Faces of the NHS initiative will be present to engage with visitors, share their experiences, and inspire them to pursue careers in healthcare.

Additionally, participants can take part in hands-on Eye Dissection Workshops, which will be offered free of charge on Sunday, July 2nd, and Sunday, July 9th. These workshops provide a unique opportunity for attendees to dig into the fascinating world of ophthalmology and gain insights into the intricate workings of the human eye, guided by expert instructors.

For those interested in creative activities, the Health Hero Crafts and Colouring station will offer a platform for children to showcase their artistic talents and create unique masterpieces. Through this interactive experience, participants will not only use their creativity but also develop an appreciation for the invaluable work of healthcare professionals.

To add excitement to the celebration, prizes will be awarded for the most creative and inspiring fancy dress costumes. Dressing up as a health hero gives an opportunity for participants to pay tribute to their healthcare idols while demonstrating their imagination and creativity. As a special treat, every hot or cold drink purchased at the museum’s cafe during the event will come with a complimentary slice of cake. 

Rachael Palmer, Director of Engagement at Thackray Museum of Medicine says: “Thackray is honoured to be hosting “Heroes in Training: Celebrating 75 years of the NHS” and invites everyone to join us for this memorable occasion. Through intriguing activities, informative exhibits, and hands-on experiences, the museum aims to inspire the next generation of healthcare heroes while paying tribute to those who have dedicated their lives to the NHS. We are also really proud of our partnership with Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust and marks another successful collaboration with more to come.” 

Join the celebration from July 1st to July 9th. For more information, please visit the museum’s website: https://thackraymuseum.co.uk/event/heroes-in-training-family-weekends.

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