Family’s Pop-Up Pub Raises Over £3,000 For Manorlands Hospice

A heartwarming display of community spirit unfolded in Oxenhope as the Schofield Family rallied their friends and neighbours for a unique fundraising event that left a lasting impact. Their pop-up pub, christened the “Alvary Arms,” not only brought together locals for a memorable weekend but also managed to raise a substantial sum of over £3,000 for the Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice.

Comprising husband-and-wife duo Sarah and John Schofield, along with their sons Matthew and Tom, the Schofield Family spearheaded this charitable initiative. This two-day extravaganza brought the community closer, fostering a sense of togetherness for a good cause.

The festivities kicked off on a Friday evening with a homemade curry night accompanied by hand-pulled beers, setting the stage for a weekend filled with delectable treats and camaraderie. Saturday saw the Schofields firing up the BBQ, treating attendees to mouthwatering delights while the menu of handmade pub grub satisfied every palate. The evening was further enhanced with a lively quiz and live music, ensuring everyone had a fantastic time.

The end result of their collective efforts was an impressive donation of £3,004.70 presented to Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice. In addition to supporting the hospice, the Schofield Family also allocated a generous sum of £2,000 to benefit Dementia Friendly Keighley, emphasizing their commitment to various community causes.

The pop-up pub, named after the historical significance of the location at Far Two Laws Farm, was a true labor of love for the Schofields. The event was hosted on the property, now owned by Sarah and John Schofield, and harks back to its roots with the name “Alvary Arms” honoring James Alvary, the farm’s first resident in 1615.

Sarah Schofield expressed her heartfelt gratitude, saying, “A huge thank you goes to our great team of family and friends who cook, clean, serve food, and work tirelessly to make the Alvary Arms a great success; it is a mighty team effort. I must also thank our generous sponsors, talented musicians, and lovely customers who come along and support us. We really couldn’t do it without you all.”

Hayley Ibbotson, Senior Community Fundraiser, also expressed her appreciation, stating, “The pop-up pub is a fantastic event and a testament to the tremendous effort the Schofield Family and their army of helpers put in to make it the success it’s grown to become. The hospice is incredibly grateful to be a beneficiary, and we feel very lucky that the support of the Schofields allows us to be there when it matters for our patients and their loved ones.”

The Alvary Arms pop-up pub event exemplifies the power of a close-knit community coming together to support vital causes, making a significant impact on the lives of those who rely on Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice and Dementia Friendly Keighley. The Schofield Family’s dedication and the generous contributions of the community serve as a shining example of compassion and solidarity in these challenging times.

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