“Hey Presto” – Family Magic Show Coming to Bingley Arts Centre this Saturday

On Saturday 14th August, Bingley Arts Centre will play host to a spectacular family magic show featuring a line-up of some truly astonishing talents.

Bradford Magic Circle’s “Hey Presto” will include 3 exceptionally talented performers from the same family. Illusionist and circus performer, Steve Gore will be assisted by his 6-year-old daughter, Emmerson, and his eldest daughter, Deanna, will open both halves.

Steve Gore is a regular performer on the “Hey Presto” show and will be perfoming his childrens magic for the event. Not only is Steve a talented and experienced illusionist, he has also invented, created and lectured his own magic conventions around the world. 1000’s of magicians including David Blaine, Dynamo and David Copperfield have performed his magic to their own audiences.

Steve’s eldest daughter, Deanna, began performing in magic shows at the age of 2. A creative dancer with varied expertise, she has recently been accepted into the Northern School of Contemporary dance. Deanna will open each half of “Hey Presto” with her emotionally-charged dance and aerial acrobatics routines.

Also featuring in the show is illusionist Alexander Jesson, who has been wowing audiences for many years with his showmanship. He and his sister, Emily, created their breathtaking entertainment show “Matricks” in 2004 and since then they have worked with the likes of Stephen Mulhern, Diversity and Roman Kemp.

Their act “combines elements of danger, comedy and charm, managing to bewilder audiences time after time” and is “designed to balance comedy and light-heartedness with curiosity, mystery and thrill!”

Last but not least, the exciting show will also include sleight of hand and comedy magician, Mark James. Mark has been working professionally for almost 20 years and has performed in over 40 countries worldwide. Over the years he has provided ‘audience warm up’ for major TV shows including The Xtra Factor, The Voice and a Question of Sport.

Tickets for Hey Presto start at £9 and can be purchased HERE.

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