Tick Tock Unlock to Open New Concept at Former Bank Vaults on Leeds’ Park Row

The former LLOYDS bank vaults on Park Row in Leeds city Centre is set to reopen as a new concept The Library of Broken Books by Tick Tock Unlock in May 2022

A business behind a “live escape game/ Hyper Reality Experience” are bringing a brand-new concept and has agreed to lease 9,500sq ft on the lower basement of the historic Bank Vaults on Park Row.

Leeds-based Tick Tock Unlock has revealed plans to launch ‘The Library of Broken Books’ – a new theatrical gaming experience located within a stunning, historic setting in the heart of the city centre, creating up to 30 jobs. The Experience is due to launch in May 2022 with bookings already live from June 2022 on the website.

The unique concept combines elements of escape games, immersive theatre and game shows, with ‘librarians’ guiding groups around themed zones including Horror, Magic, Adventure and Fantasy – with free-roam immersive art experiences and surprises along the way.

Tick Tock Unlock directors Samrien Hussain and Ali Khan have secured the venue and will collaborate with local colleges, artists, engineers and makers for the project.

Samrien said: “From the moment you enter The Library of Broken Books, we’ll be transporting you to an entirely different world. Unlike a traditional escape game, being in a room choosing a single game to play which becomes boring, visiting multiple stories, with a variety of tasks ranging from physical and skill-based to logical and multi-person puzzles, offering something for everyone.

“We’re really excited for this next phase for Tick Tock Unlock and hope others will be too. Advance early bird tickets from June onwards are available from the website, as well as the chance to be part of the next chapter for Tick Tock Unlock.

Ali added: “We are constantly looking to evolve and improve our offering and this new concept reflects our ethos of pushing boundaries and sparking people’s interest and imaginations.

Tick Tock Unlock previously operated six escape game venues and GPS treasure hunts across four cities, including Leeds where they are headquartered, and launched the UK’s first virtual reality-powered game experience at Trinity Leeds in 2017.

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