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3 Brewery Place, Leeds LS10 1NE


Home opened just a few years ago and is one of our favourite venues in Leeds. Since its opening, its reputation has grown thanks to the hard work and skill of chefs Elizabeth Cottam and Mark Owens who are well-respected chefs with years of experience. They’ve crafted a beautifully British menu with a focus on presentation which runs throughout their elaborate dishes down into every detail of the restaurant, including its sophisticated and modern decor.

This is one for those of you who enjoy fine dining and locally sourced, high-quality ingredients. It’s a great experience but doesn’t go so far as to alienate those who’re not well versed in the complexities of cutlery. The service is warm and friendly and the waiting staff are on hand to help you navigate the extensive and intriguing menus. Their menus adapt regularly to showcase the finest ingredients of the time when you visit, so you can expect something different whenever you visit.

Although by no means the most expensive restaurant on the list of the Best Restaurants in Leeds, their menus start at £55 ahead so Home is perhaps best reserved for a special occasion.

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 6–8:30pm
Thursday 6–8:30pm
Friday 6–8:30pm
Saturday 12–1:30pm, 6–8:30pm
Sunday 1–3:30pm

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