poco leeds

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360 Kirkstall Road, Burley, Leeds LS4 2HQ


Poco is Leeds’ very own Sicilian street food restaurant which has been grabbing attention for some time now. They focus on flavour, with a diverse menu of pizzas, arancini, chicken, cannoli and various other Italian classics. Their base dishes may be limited, but the variations available make it a substantial and eclectic menu.

Poco has built its great reputation up around authenticity and this is evident in their fantastic food. It’s perfect for lunch. It’s a cozy venue with limited seating, although it’s almost always busy.

It’s also one of the most affordable places on this list, with Pizza starting at £2.50 and Pasta at £5.

Monday 11am–9pm
Tuesday 11am–9pm
Wednesday 11am–9pm
Thursday 11am–9pm
Friday 11am–10pm
Saturday 11am–10pm
Sunday 11am–10pm

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