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Minerva, 29 East Parade, Leeds LS1 5PS


Tattu is a contemporary Chinese restaurant with venues located in five different UK cities. The Leeds restaurant is a firm favourite with local social media influencers due to its Instagrammable interiors. Tattu’s offering differs somewhat from that of most Chinese restaurants as they combine traditional flavours of Chinese cuisine with modern cooking techniques and beautiful plating.

The menu features many traditional favourites that have been given a delightfully modern twist plus a number of contemporary creations. Although it doesn’t include as many dishes as your average Chinese restaurant, it more than makes up for this in flavour and style. Besides, this is far from your average Chinese restaurant – they have completely revamped the cuisine to create a stunning dining experience. There’s always plenty on offer for meat-eaters but they also have a superb range of dishes available that are vegetarian and vegan friendly too. Starters at Tattu average at around £10, small plates vary between £9.50 ( Chilli Crusted Tofu) and £26 ( Aromatic Duck Pancakes), and their incredible large plates cost anything from £18 ( Sweet Taramind Tofu Balls) to £86.00 (Japanese Black Wagyu Ribeye). Not the cheapest of restaurants but certainly one of their more special so be sure to consider it for a special occasion.

Monday: 5pm – 12am
Tuesday: 5pm – 12am
Wednesday: 5pm – 12am
Thursday: 12pm – 12am
Friday: 12pm – 1am
Saturday: 12pm – 1am
Sunday: 12pm – 12pm

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