Yorkshire Gift Experiences That’ll Blow Your Loved-Ones Mind!

Triple Super Car Experience in Yorkshire

Some people value experiences over traditional gifts. In a sense, a gift experience is one that will last a lifetime in a person’s memory and can be amongst the most sentimental presents you can give. There are many people out there who would rather receive an experience gift than a fancy watch or piece of clothing. What’s more, if you’re asking yourself the question “What do I buy someone who already has everything” Yorkshire Gift experiences are most certainly the way to go.

Across the Yorkshire, with its rolling hills, dramatic landscapes and limitlessly creative residents, there are endless opportunities to give the perfect Yorkshire Gift Experiences.

Whether it’s an evening of indulgence at a vibrant restaurant or a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini or another supercar, we’ve got you covered. 

In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the most exciting and luxurious Yorkshire gift experiences that you can buy to mark Christmas, Anniversaries, Birthdays or just about any other special occasion.

The Best Yorkshire Gift Experiences

Triple Supercar Blast

Triple Super Car Blast - Yorkshire Gift Experiences

Who doesn’t like the idea of speeding down a road in a supercar, as if you were part of the latest bond movie. 

If this sounds like something someone you know would enjoy, you’re in look. 

Across three separate locations in Yorkshire the Triple Supercar Blast experience involves a choice of 13 of the world’s top supercars, including vicious Ferraris, beautiful Lamborghinis, Luxurious Aston Martins, Sporty Porches and more.

The person receiving you gift will have the opportunity to drive  up to 9 miles in their chosen car and feel the adrenaline rushing through them. 

A experienced expert will guide them through everything they need to know and they’ll be sure to remember the day forever!

The Experience Includes:

  • Choose between up to 13 supercars
  • Drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche and others
  • Drive up to 9 miles in total
  • 3 Yorkshire Venues to choose from
  • Driving certificate
  • Weekend and Weekday availability
  • From February to November
  • Gift pack including voucher and message card


This particular Yorkshire Experience Day usually costs £149 but you can buy it now for £95.


12 Mile Themed Helicopter Flight

Four Locations Across Yorkshire Including | Sheffield | Beverly | York | Elvington

Helicopter flying experience

Can you imagine anything more exhilarating than dashing through the sky in a Helicopter?

With this fantastic Yorkshire Gift Experience you can do just that. The recipient of your gift will be given the opportunity to take to the air in a powerful helicopter ride which climbs over 1000ft and accelerates to speeds of over 120mph. They’ll travel for 12 miles whilst being able to communicate with the pilot and listening to air traffic radio.

The Experience Includes:

  • Short safety and technical briefing
  • 12 mile helicopter flight
  • Personalised voucher and message card.


This Yorkshire Gift Experience is normally £99, but it’s currently on sale at £59.

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Aerotow or Two Winch Launch Glider Flight

Available at York (9 other locations across UK)

Glider experience

If Helicopters are too mainstream for you, gliding aircraft’s are the way to go. This gift will see your recipient take to the sky’s after a short briefing from a British Gliding Association instructor and soar through the air. They’ll take complete control of the aircraft (supervised by an official of course) and what’s more, if they enjoy it, their first lesson counts towards a Gliders Pilot’s certificate!

The Experience Includes:

  • Introduction to gliding
  • One-to-one training
  • One Aerotow flight of 15-30 minutes or two Winch launch flights of 7-10 minutes each
  • Experience gift pack including voucher and message card.


This experience costs £105… bargain!


Winning Horse Racing Day for Two

Doncaster Racecourse (15 Other Locations in UK)

Horseracing in Doncaster

Does your partner, family member or friend enjoy a flutter on the horses? Horse racing is undoubtedly one of the nations favourite gambling past times and with this Yorkshire Gift Experience the recipient of your present and a guest of their choice could experience race day,

The experience entitles you to entry to the race day enclosures of your chosen venue and a complimentary drink before taking to the stands to cheer their chosen horse. It’s a great experience for first-time race goers and the experienced alike!

The Experience Includes:

  • Choice of 16 racecourses
  • Entry for two to the course’s enclosure
  • Two official programmes
  • A welcome beer, wine or soft drink each
  • Personalise voucher and message card


This currently costs £36 but is usually £59.


One Night Glamping at Yapham Holds

East Riding of Yorkshire – Pocklington

Glamping Yorkshire Gift Experiences

Glamping’s a popular past time which has been around sufficiently long enough that it’s no longer a trend, and has become a real holidaying contender. With this Yorkshire Gift experience, your recipient and one other will be able to head out into the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds. Camping… but not really, each pod comes with heating, a sofa bed and even a TV. This experience would make a fantastic gift for a significant other… and hey, you’ll be able to enjoy it as well!

The Experience Includes:

  • An overnight stay for two in a cosy and heated Gothic Glamping Pod
  • The chance to explore Yorkshire from the Yorkshire Wolds
  • Pod is fitted with electricity, lighting , TV and a comfy sofa bed
  • On-site shower and toilet facilities
  • Personalised voucher and message card


This exceptional Glamping experience costs just £55. Better than a pair of socks we’d say!


Land Away Double Flying Lesson

Beverley and 12 other locations in the UK

Flying Lesson in Yorkshire

This is a special one, to be reserved for special occasions or if you want to win Christmas. Give someone the gift of a flying lesson and they’ll experience two kinds of flying, one where they act as pilot and the other as an observer. They’ll land and take off from different locations depending on conditions and take it in turns with another person to pilot the plane. Once completed, they’ll receive a certificate to remember the amazing experience. If they get the bug for flying, the lesson will count towards a Private Pilot’s license. 

This Experience Includes:

  • Safety and technical briefing
  • Two flying sectors of approximately 30 minutes each
  • Fly the plane
  • Land in different locations
  • Includes personalised voucher and message card


The experience usually costs £249, but it’s available at a reduced cost of £150 for a small period.

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