Masons Yorkshire Gin – The Original Yorkshire Gin Distillers

masons yorkshire gin

Masons Original Yorkshire Gin was officially launched on International Gin Day 2013. Created by Karl and Kathy Mason, the brand has become immensely popular both in Yorkshire and beyond.

Karl and Kathy were serious gin enthusiasts prior to launching their much-loved gin, but had no experience within the distilling industry. Their love for the spirit inspired them to create a Facebook page entitled ‘Gin and Tonic Friday’. The page brought like-minded gin lovers together and the page quickly attracted a whopping 10,000 followers.

Karl and Kathy were soon being asked to review various gins from across the county. It was then that they noticed a gap in the market and decided it was time that Yorkshire had a great gin of its very own. Masons Original Yorkshire gin was initially produced using an external distillery but it’s instant popularity led Karl and Kathy to establish the very first gin distillery in Yorkshire, just seven months later.

Distilled in two copper alembic stills, affectionately known as ‘Steve’ and ‘Leftie’, their gin is probably one of the most recognisable Yorkshire gin brands to be found on the supermarket shelves. In addition to their Masons Original Yorkshire Gin, they have launched some deliciously unusual varieties which have taken the Yorkshire gin community by storm. Lavender edition and Tea Edition were both introduced in 2015, and more recently, their Peppered Pear Special Edition was launched at Harrogate Christmas Market 2017.

The inspirational couple are as passionate about local produce as they are about gin, so the lavender for their Lavender Edition is sourced Yorkshire’s very own lavender farm and, of course, the tea in their Tea Edition is the finest in the region.

The Masons Yorkshire Gin Range

The Original

42% ABV. Available on Amazon £35.03. Buy now.

Soft juniper, lime and orange rind flavours lead to a peppery finish with a subtle fennel fragrance on the nose, whilst on the palate there’s a ripe & sweet aniseed start, with bold citrus flavours, plenty of cardamom & green apple blending into a warm, mouth-watering finish.”

Lavender Edition

42% ABV. Available on Amazon £36.62. Buy now.

masons yorkshire gin lavender edition

Dry lavender notes on the nose and a slight fennel aroma create a soft & subtle experience. There’s a soft texture once upon the palate, with a fresh candied lavender sweet flavour and anise creeping in on the dry finish.”

Tea Edition

42% ABV. Available on Amazon £34.00. Buy now.

Masons yorkshire gin tea edition

Delicate and fresh upon the palate, with a citrus sharpness hitting the senses and fresh aromas that swirl around. Plenty of Yorkshire Tea flavour develops on the palate, as well as fresh aniseed, cardamom & pepper notes before the tea returns for the long finish.”

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